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Yoga aus Berlin  von Katrin
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Über mich

I am a professional set & stage designer by heart and a 800 hours certified Jivamukti Yoga & Khalsa Way Teacher.

2016 I did my teacher training in Costa Rica with Petros Haffenrichter and David Life and continued my educations in Berlin (JYB) with the apprenticeship program under the guidance of my mentor Martyna Eder. Since then I theache at Jivamukti Yoga  Berlin.

One of my most deep beliefes about asana practice is that it might bring one in a meditative flow by feeling every single part of your body working together as a whole universe so it becomes a dance to and of the universe.

Because I grew up doing ballet, sports or gymnastics even for competition I got a deep understanding about how to move all my bodyparts - and got a lot of injuries ;) For sure I can help you with assists finding more space and release, my solid knowledge about alignement might also give you a more detailed understanig about your asana practice - but maybe also about your daily life.

More and more I feel going back to what I learned when I was child: estimate all creatures, being aware about taking away from nature, finding peace in the movement - today asana practice and chanting a lot - instead of playing violin.
THANK YOU for my parents - for what you´ve showed me, for my teachers - for let me realize that. And all the teachings I got from you: David Life, Petros Haffenrichter. Sharon Gannon, Martyna Eder, Miriam Ianohe, Anja Kühnel, Ruth Lauer-Manetti, Yogeswari, Jules Febre, Gurmukh, David Svenson.   




2018 / OCTOBRE

JYB Berlin

KHALSA WAY - teacher training done! thank you so much to Grumukh, Wah, Sarah, Panch Nichan, Bettina, and all the beloved angels  - it was amazing!!

2018 / OCTOBRE

JYB Berlin

800h APPRENTICESHIP finished!!! Thank you so much, Martyna, for everything letting me be your apprentice <3

2017 / AUG

wild woodstock

Zwei Wochen mit und bei den Gründern von Jivamukti: Sharon Gannon und David Life. Zwei Wochen an der Quelle dieser Lehre und frei von allem, was oftmals das Licht trübt. Zwei Wochen Natur, Friede, Freude Reinheit, Leichtigkeit und Strahlen... Vielen Dank!

2016 / JUNE- JULY

Jivamukti Teacher Training

          +++ NEUER TITEL  +++

this is to certify that Katrin Gerheuser has successfully completed the Jivamukti Yoga 300-hours Teacher Training Programm

Lehrer:  David Life und Petros Haffenrichter


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Katrin Gerheuser

10999 Berlin
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