Last week we had so much bananas in the Jivamukti Canteen that everything had to be made out of it and of course i did also some sweets - with chocolate. I feel some kind of caught... am i addicted to sweets maybeee? Ah, i just need anything to work on...and it´s only to make people happy, right ;)

what i did:

I wanted a crusty base and a smooooth top. Therefore I took some bananas *note!* and dates and mixed it with walnuts and buckwheat. The top is made out of peanut butter, cocoanut oil, agave sweat and kakao. Needs some time in the freezer to become stocked.

what you need for the base:

1 portion of bananas - f.e. 1small banana 1 portion of dates - then 6 big dates

and put it into the mixer.

walnuts and buckwheat - about double - triple amount to the sticky mixture

grind only roughly and knead it to a "dough"

i did prebake it slightly.

the topping are my choco confects from november. so you should just remember that you need a tin to fill in the liquid chokolate - onto the base - and the put it into the freezer to get it stucked for a while.


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