peanut butter truffles

these truffles are melting onto your tongue. they are just amazing....

I found the original receipe at minimalistbaker - i really recommend her blog!! She really tries to reduce the number of ingredients as the name of her blog promises.

So these unbelievable sweet healthy delights are made of dates - peanut butter - (vegan) chocolate - three ingredients! Ok - and a pinch of salt on top ;) what I really love: if I am able to identify everything what´s in by tasting, step by step.

I also did a variation for a friend who´s allergic to peanuts. So everyone who does not want to use peanutbutter might tryt his version I used almont butter for. You´ll find the recipe further down. But now at first:


500g dates mix it in a blender.

Maybe add some hot water to make it more creamy

peanut butter

chocolate, melted


HOW TO DO: just roll small balls out of the date’s cream, place them onto a plate and put it into a freezer for a while. That helps for the next steps: the balls won’t be smashed by working on it and the chocolate will stick faster.

Cover each top with peanut butter, place it in the freezer again for a second round and at least cover the whole ball with chocolate. Some salt sprinkles on top will be an optical and a tasty kick.

for all of you who DON´T want to use peanut butter:

replace the dates with APRICOTS and the peanut butter with ALMOND BUTTER and go on the same way as described. I did it for a friend and she loved it!

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