As I started to upcycle different materials some years before at the theater, it was not really made for daily use but much more just arty stuff - because that’s my profession. Although it was very unusual the ‘production manager’ loved it because of the money facts. Of course: I started it as some kind of a rebellion as the fees were lowered down so much again and again that one could not create or just plan anything what seemed to be honest for me. So at one point I just stopped the discussion and offered to not need any fee for materials but for the workshop. The show was planed for five days and now is still running, since five seasons...

This was not the beginning of my private upcycling career unless I really had the possibility and time to start with some useful stuff as bags and pockets for mobiles. The resources for materials at a theatre are huge and: beautiful! And people allow you doing weird things :)

Situation changed - I am not at the theatre now - that’s why I am asking anyone for old clothes, coffee packages, anything they don’t need and I can use.

This one is the bag for a yoga mat:

It’s made out of several different jeans I got, stripe and even zipper are recycled.

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