RICECREAM with granola & berries

It is the youngest and obviously therefore most beloved breakfast I have for me right now!  The cream has a lovely consistency, it‘s rich and saves me for a long day. I love the combination with the crunchy granola - of course it contains also some sweetener, you know... and for sure the berries kick it up to heaven 💎 I hope you‘ll love it, too!


1 cup rice, cooked with

1.5 cup water

      ricemilk or any other plant based milk

2-4 Dates, if wanted

cook the rice - I take the round one and use a rice cooker - and let it cool down a bit. Then put the cooked rice with the milk and the dates into your blender. Mix it and add as many milk as you want your cream more or less smooth.


take some of these ingredients - you might do  bigger amount as only for 1 portion and keep it in a dry place: 

seets - as sesame, pumpkin, chia....

flakes  - rice- or milletflakes for example

buckwheat, amaranth, 

nuts - chopped 


pinch of salt 

mix the ingredients in a bowl. Put them on a tray an bake it for 10-15 minutes in the preheated oven at 175 dregee (C)


berries or other seasonal fruits as maybe: plums, or apples, ...

choose your beloved bowl and fill in first the cream, then cover it with granola to top everything with fresh fruits!


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