how to reduce plastic in my daily life no_1

morning routine


a TOOTHBRUSH made out of bamboo

an old parfum jar - I filled up with DENTTABS - or TOOTHPASTE TABLETS 


a small jar of MINT OIL

and some dried flowers in a glass for  better morning mood 




The toothbrush is very handy and I love the bamboo grip also because it never gets slimy. But maybe this is because of the different substance of paste also - anyway: it’s a plus I guess. You might choose between ‚middle‘ and ‚soft‘ if there‘s a ‚strong‘ one existing? I don’t know, I never saw it. I have the ‚middle‘ one.  And of course I agree: it’s old school brushing your teeth by hand but I like it. I never used an electronic one. 

The tabs are my favorite choose after trying several versions of pastes. I started with toothsalt - but it came in a plastic box. Therefore it contains nothing else - step one... I switched to different pastes from organic pr/and vegan brands, looking for something I wanted to taste in the early morning - means: not to intense - and zero waste if possible. At least I found this tabs and I am really happy with it! There are two versions: with or without fluoride. For traveling I take the amount I need into a box. No liquid discussions ;)

Month oil I do use for rinsing afterwards. It desinfects and freshen up the whole mouth area and climbs up the sinuses. 

Finally I clean up my tongue with the scraper. I got it at my teacher training and was introduced there how to use it: it’s a cleansing exercise for yogis. I just went on doing it. 




ready now for my breathing exercise! 💙

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