how to reduce plastic in my daily life no_2


.....I turned to flour. Yes, exactly, that’s it: rye flour. I can buy it next to my house in the unpacked shop, so I take my jar, cross the street and fill it up. I agree, that I am in a privileged position, but also if you go to a regular store you get this flour paper wrapped ;) I needed some time to handle it. My cat eat the soaked flour once because I did not take enough care and furthermore I found out that I need something like a conditioner after washing. That’s why I added a mix of water with apple cider vinegar or lemon, I guess it depends on you - I try to go with the seasons, so lemons are not always available, but I prefer them because of the smell. The hair does not smell out of the vinegar after using it, but it’s in the air ;) I use: - about 4 tablespoons of rye flour, soaked in water - the juice of 1 lemon, filled up with water (3/4 - 1 jar) . I prefer to rinse it, because otherwise you might still have little white particles in between your hair coming from the lemon’s fruit structure.

Your hair maybe needs some time for the change. And i still have a special hair soap for traveling and lazy times.

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