how to reduce plastic in my daily life no_4

That’s what we use and also offer our guests for washing hands:

SOAP - there are a lots of possibilities for unwrapped ones or also these who are packed in paper. You maybe also might have a look at the brand - if it’s interacting with Monsanto for example - or at the ingredients - i do prefer natural ones based on plants, and furthermore, the smell could also be important, right? 🦋

SOAP DISH - I took the bottom of an old butter dish I found at my mom‘s. I love the patterns of the glass cuts!

HAND BRUSH - you might find a wooden hand brush in your drugstore. The one you see on the photo is quite old now and I bought it at a store around the corner which sells really beautiful handmade stuff from a blinds workshop around here.

TOWEL - it’s for sure the way conserving resources - except not washing hands at all ;) if we are in need for a new hand towel we check it 2nd hand ♥️

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